A Few Words of Rest for Your Weekend

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July weekends may conjure up vacation-y vignettes of water and fruity drinks and backyard barbecues. These are the lazy days of summer, are they not?

But as we all know, worry doesn’t brake for weekends.

Just because it’s summer and July and chill, there may still be ends that don’t meet and kids that don’t mind and outcomes that don’t match our expectations.

Savor the gifts. Because they’re always there if you look.

But acknowledge the sorrows too. For our days are surely a sacred swirl of both.

I’m learning to honor the sweet and the severe mercies, knowing that Christ sits with me at the center, the only comforting constant in a world that swirls unpredictably.

A few words of rest for your weekend:

If we are going to live out of a heart at rest, we must make the fundamental faith decision that no matter how deep or urgent the need is, it is ultimately not all up to us. We must choose to believe that God is at work in small things, in underground things, in unseen things, in not-yet-known things. As we rest in this foundational reality, the stress of what we cannot handle becomes a gate to rest.       

Choosing Rest: Cultivating a Sunday Heart in a Monday World by Sally Breedlove

This weekend, may you be able to stay present for what’s right in front of you, knowing that a loving God handles the unseen things. May quiet trust be “a gate to rest.”


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