Day 18: A Few Wise Words from Maya Angelou’s Mother

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Ignorance can be more than simple unawareness. Tossed out into the world, it can explode like a grenade but with much more damage. And Illiteracy doesn’t simply apply to unintelligible words on a page. It speaks to specific inability or lack, often due to circumstances beyond one’s control.

How quick we can be to judge both, and to deny their presence in our own lives.

In light of Ms. Angelou’s mother’s insightful words, might I offer a few companion words of hope for us all?

When we encounter ignorance — others’ our our own — may truth show up with grace and love.

May our privilege not corrupt our compassion.

And may we learn from the intelligent others who are a rare gift to us all, even if the educated world pays them no heed.


I hope you enjoy the loveliest of fall weekends.

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