Dish: Favorite Fall Things

As shifting seasons usher in a new feast for the senses, I’m thinking that a “favorite fall things” post is in order. I never tire of favorite things dish. 

From October ’til spring, I burn candles most every day. And while I love a huge Yankee candle that can fragrance the whole house, I’m loving these little Glade seasonal candles. Even this small one makes my whole great room smell like I’ve been baking pumpkin bread and apple pies. Which I haven’t. 

Okay, that’s not entirely true. I have finally found my favorite pumpkin bread recipe. Last year I mentioned that I’m crazy for Trader Joe’s pumpkin bread mix. I still am. But, I have now made two batches of Richella’s pumpkin bread and it is hands down the best pumpkin bread {or muffins} recipe I’ve ever tasted. And it’s practically as easy as a mix. Here’s the recipe. {You’re welcome.}


I still have to give a shout-out to Trader Joe’s pumpkin pancake and waffle mix. I picked some up this weekend. Throw in some chocolate chips and top with a swirl of whipped-cream. 

And because one can never have too much pumpkin anything during the fall, I’ve been sipping Starbucks pumpkin-spice Via. You just mix one of these with 8 ounces of hot milk. Perfect for the afternoon. 

{Starbucks really needs to start paying me.}
I can’t believe I’m still writing about food. Apparently fall makes me hungry. I think I mention this soup every year but that’s because it bears repeating: Williams-Sonoma’s lentil soup recipe. I probably make it every other week from fall until spring. My kids even eat it.

{My very well-loved W.S. SOUP cookbook.}

And last but not least, nail polish. My nails are rarely painted but I like this muddy purple-ish color called “Wet Cement.” It’s Wet n Wild megalast and I think it was $1.99. The crazy thing is it actually lasts. I think it’s a great color for fall. 


Your turn. I’m a favorite things junkie so tell me, what are your favorite things for fall? We can dish in the comments section.


  1. says

    Using my crock pot for meals at an unusually high rate, pumpkin everything, wearing scarves, baking homemade pies, hot cocoa, chilly weather and snuggles. (o:

  2. says

    Can’t think of one thing I don’t like about fall. I love it all!

    By the way, I agree your little Darling looks a lot like the other Darling from Peter Pan. So cute!!!

  3. Lisa says

    Oh my goodness, I laughed out loud at the adorable-ness of your little guy in the glasses!!! TOO CUTE!!! Best, best things about fall? Dinner is done and we are snuggled around the family room in different spots reading quietly with a fire in the fireplace. I am truly raising nerds. But it is so sweet…

  4. Anonymous says

    I am loving that it is starting to get dark earlier. We are finally finished with football season so we are home as a family many more evenings than we were in August, Sept. and Oct.! I have been burning candles and baking but I want to try that pumpkin bread recipe.

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