How to Pursue Your Hoped-for in the Midst of Your Right-Now Life

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On February 24, 2016 I sat down to write a tidy little post for those of us who feel like our right-now lives are keeping us from our hoped-for work. I ended up with an entire series on the subject, eight posts in all. It’s continually relevant because it’s a tug-of-war we experience every day. How do we live responsibly in the right-now while not letting go of the hoped-for?

This “balance” is not for the faint-hearted. Not only do you battle the limitations of the right now, you battle the voices of the right now.

Do you actually think you’re a real writer, a real artist, a real counselor, a real photographer, a real teacher, a real leader, a real coach?

Aren’t you neglecting other things that could use your attention?

Wouldn’t it be easier for you to let go of this dream and settle for a normal life?


The answer is yes. To all of those questions.

And that’s why we need encouragement. Because making space for our hoped-for work when there are sheets to wash and kids to raise and a real job to show up for takes creative strategy and courage. Sometimes we’re convinced that the voices are right. We’re tempted to close the coffin lid on our hoped-for work, cry a few tears, and move on like a responsible grown-up.

I’m mostly for all for being a responsible grown-up. But I wrote this series because I don’t think the answers are as “all or nothing” as we assume. There’s hope in the messy middle.


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