Let the Snack List Do the Bossing {aka The Lazy Mom’s Guide to Keeping Kids Fed}

summer snack list pic

Summer brings out the lazy in me. As if that was a stretch.

I love having my kids home. But I’m beginning to feel like a short-order snack chef. It seems as though someone is asking for food or popsicles or a four-course meal every ding-dang second.

Only one week into summer and I’m tired of saying,

You can’t have that right now. 

Quit pillaging the pantry. {It’s phrases like this that certainly have my kids wishing their mom was not a former History teacher.}

Didn’t you just get a snack 2 seconds ago?

Starving children would be grateful for the food we have. 

So in a rare flurry of brain power, I came up with this idea…

Behold, the Summer Snack List.

I stuck the list on the door of the pantry in a clear top-loader. Whenever I’m out of one of the designated snacks, I just cross it out until I can get to the store and “replenish the coffers.” {Ugh. History teacher speak again.}


Instead of feeling like the Snack Nazi, I just refer hungry kids to the pantry door and let the list do the bossing for me.

Just one more way I’m working hard to do the bare minimum this summer.


What are your favorite summer survival tips?

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  1. says

    Great idea! But just wondering if Cupcake (now there’s a snack for ya) will be calling you to come “read” him the list?

    And where are the chips and salsa?


    P.S. I see you . . . heading to the magazine stash to cut out pictures for him!

  2. says

    Go to pinterist to find all the images you will need for Cupcake…or let his siblings read the list for him…and make the snack :-) I wish I could come to your house for snack time. I think this is a great idea.

  3. says

    I love that “PB spoon” is on the list; I assume that this consists of literally just a big spoonful of peanut butter? Because that’s my preferred peanut butter delivery system….
    Maybe you could quickly take pictures of each item and print a sheet with all of them for Cupcake.
    This is indeed genius.

  4. Jenny K says

    I love your mom…and you! I’m stealing your list (with a few modifications for our taste) and adding pix for Julianne. Plus, with the list and pictures side by side I can feel I’m incorporating “whole language” into our summer of (not so much) preschool preparedness.

  5. says

    You are so funny! And you’re a genius. This is a great idea! I’m featuring this at the next Grace at Home party. You are just wonderful, you know? Gracious and fun and lovely and smart. . . you are one of my favorite people. :)

  6. says

    Simple, yet brilliant. One of my babes doesn’t read yet, so maybe I’ll make my version with pictures. Although I shudder to imagine her scooping up her own peanut butter. I think I’ll put my 5-year-old in charge.


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