Let’s Get Real

I had a conversation with some friends this week. They know a little bit about some of the crazy in my life and they asked how things were going. So I told them.
Often I feel like I’m the dysfunctional one in the group. I’ve endured hard seasons that are difficult to talk about. Embarrassing even. Everyone else’s life just seems more normal by comparison.
But as I began to share, heads began to nod. There were a lot of, “Me too’s” and “I can so relate’s.” They each had their own stories and frustrations and I quickly began to realize that we’re all struggling, that there really is nothing new under the sun.
Isolation and pretense are enemies of community and transparency.
Somebody has to be brave enough, crazy enough, or simply worn down enough to speak up. {I fall into the latter two categories.} And when she does, walls come down and realness transpires. It’s a beautiful thing.
There is glorious freedom in honesty and imperfection.
It’s a truth that’s been simmering in my heart over the summer, the first summer in years that has truly been one of rest, reflection and healing. {Well, as much as is possible with three kids running wild and still needing to be fed.}
But even amid the clamor of children, I have heard God whispering, Invite realness. Open your heart to possibilities. Don’t be so afraid to share the hard stuff. Ultimately It’s My story anyway.
I love this line of Christa Wells’s song, “How Emptiness Sings”: He writes my story into His song.
All of our stories are simply different verses of His song; fear and pride make us hoarders. There is freedom in simply letting go and giving it away for a larger purpose.
I don’t know what that will look like exactly but I’ve been considering an opportunity in October and I’d love to know your thoughts.
If you’ve flitted about the blogosphere lately you may have heard about the “31 days” invitation. The Nester wrote about it here. And Emily wrote about it here. It’s open to anyone.
It’s an opportunity to write in a thematic way for 31 days, every single day in October. An idea came to me within seconds and in a matter of minutes I had scribbled out over 20 ideas for possible posts.
So here’s my idea: 31 Days of Real
I know, it may sound sort of vague but the basic theme is this: Real life. Real hope.
It will be a little bit of everything since that’s what my blog is anyway {A Little Scoop for Every Slice of Life}: Real motherhood, real marriage, real homes, real kids, real life…not the one we wish we had, not the one we’ve settled for, but the beautiful, messy, raw, normal everyday that is the life we live.
It will be far more descriptive than it is prescriptive. I’m not an expert. I don’t do formulas. I avoid preachiness.
But I long for my little circle of influence to be a place of honesty and acceptance, hope and inspiration.
I’m excited and scared to pitch my idea and I still haven’t made my final decision. A spaceship could land on my house or I could experience some other dramatic life interruption. Then I’d probably have to cancel.
But barring a spaceship, I think I’m ready for the challenge.
So what do you think? Would you join me here for “31 Days of Real?” And if so, do you have some brilliant post ideas?


  1. Anonymous says

    I LOVE the pictures!! Who needs the perfect posed ones anyways..I don’t like those. :) I would love for you to embark on such a real journey. It’s a vulnerable place that only freedom and identity and Christ can get you through! Will stay tuned and keep my fingers crossed that you do it! Gooo Marian!!

    love, Amy Z

  2. Anonymous says

    LOVE the pictures! The first and third are my favorites! I look forward to reading your 31 Days of Real :)
    Heather (For some reason, I can NOT get your blog to let me use my google account to post comments! Grrrr…. Anyway, this is Heather, your college roomie!)

  3. says

    Well, I’m sure you know exactly what I’m going to say about this, don’t you? So, I’ll be expecting those 31 days of real- spaceship or no spaceship. If your world is full of aliens I want to hear it. :)

  4. says

    I’ll will gladly read whatever you post and perhaps comment on it. You are an amazing writer.

    I love how Cupcake in 3 of the 4 photos you’ve shared is hiding his eyes. Thanks for sharing all 4 photos.


  5. says

    Of course you know I’ve always got something REAL to say! I’m in.
    Real ideas???
    Yelling at those we shouldn’t
    Desire to dig a hole and live in it
    My Heart
    Real Life (in pictures :)
    The danged computer
    The danged bills
    The grumpy kids
    The grumpy self
    The unmowed lawn
    The weeds (literally and figuratively)
    Mad at God?
    Unbrushed teeth
    Unmade beds, bad hair, smelly breath
    Want any more?????? Love you…..Julie

  6. says

    I love, love, love this. Especially what you say about not being afraid to tell the hard things because they’re all part of His story anyway. Something I’ve been working on lately with sharing the hard things about my marriage…which I know you can relate to.

    I love the idea of 31 days of Real. I can’t wait to read. :)

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