Links and Other Stuff I Love {Because I Ran Out of Time to Write About Love}

{Valentines Day 2 years ago…when the littles were littler. Sweet times.} 

I’ve been thinking a lot of love lately. The truest kind of love. The only love that can really make me love others in ways that matter. The only love that can break me open to receive love and how that changes everything. Everything.

But. You’ll just have to wait for that post because I’ve run out of time to write it. I’ve been busy loving and living and that has looked like time at the kitchen table helping my littlest guy make Valentines for everyone on God’s green earth {he’s a fan of holidays} and helping my girl write descriptive essays and doing math stuff {Math!?!} in my bigger guy’s class and helping my sweet friend who’s battling cancer {Please pray for Susan?} and talking with my Wednesday friends about grace.

I realize that list of loving may sound a little braggy, a little “look at what servant I am.” No. Believe me, I’m not very sacrificial by nature, not the type of person who needs {or even wants} to be needed. I shy away from volunteerism. I fear commitment. I actually kind of suck at being a friend. But those I love have needed me and it has felt good and right to help. Because I can. And I actually, sincerely want to. And all because of love. 

Look at this! I’m writing about love after all. My point in that much-too-long disclaimer is this: living and loving have precluded writing and that’s just fine and just as it should be for me right now. I’m craving some rest but I’m going to have to crank out something lovey and yummy for dinner first. 

So in lieu of a deeper post on love, I bring you some links and other stuff…that I love.


First, the links:
This video by Brene Brown {who I triple love} has gotten over 7 million views. 

Girlfriend has obviously struck a chord. It’s about 20 minutes long and well worth every minute. I bought one of her books two years ago, never having heard of her. I was buying another book on amazon and this book was in the sidebar and I had to have it. Turns out she’s kind of a big deal. And for good reason.

So this next link isn’t very Valentines-y, but I read it several months ago and I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s an article called Going to Hell With Ted Haggard. And though it’s not all flowers and chocolate hearts and sentimental, it is about love. How we love “sinners.” Or rather, how we don’t. This is such a good article. I really can’t recommend it enough.

And now for the stuff:

I had some CVS extra care bucks so I treated myself to this sheery, pinky lip balm. It’s perfect for dry wintry lips that are longing for spring. 

Lily told me about this free, awesome app. She’s one of those girls who always has the low-down on everything. {And you totally need to click over to her link. She created the Padalily…best baby gift ever.} 

Anyway, this is an app for any Apple device {and a few others} that provides free unlimited texting and it even turns an iPod Touch or iPad into a phone. Crazy! Our older two kids each have an iPod Touch {which are actually old iPhone 3G’s that we converted.} Now they can text or call us from home or anyplace with WiFi for FREE. Our 6th grade daughter, the only 6th grader on the planet without a cell phone, now gets to text us and like…two other people. This means we’re now slightly less horrible parents than we were before this app.

Nail polish. 

Wet N Wild Megalast Salon Nail Color Heatwave 212C

Once again, Wet N’ Wild has given me another polish to love. Heatwave. It’s corally-reddish-hot pink. Perfect for Valentine’s Day. Or when your feet are tan. Or when you are bored in pick-up line. And it’s less than $2.

So there you go. A little post on love that will make you more loving, vulnerable, texty, and pretty. 

Happy Valentine’s Day friends! What are you loving?


  1. says

    Definitely praying for Susan. I saw you the other day at her service. Well, I saw you a while after I sat down and was looking around the room. At first I didn’t recognize you…I thought you were a college student! You are looking good! :)

  2. says

    Well I love your blog.
    I love to look at that picture of coffee and cream puffs and ice cream and that chocolate sauce every single time I pull up your blog. That picture makes me drool.
    I love your brutal honesty.
    And I love that, after 2 weeks on the road Hubby, who is in horrible jet lag back home getting over a 14 hour time difference woke up wide eyed and bushy tailed at 1am and decided to get caught up on his laundry. And I woke up this morning and he is snoring and I found that he had folded no less than FOUR baskets of clean clothes for me in order to find the washing machine to wash his dirty clothes.

    That is love and better than any kind of jewelry, flowers or candy he could have gotten for me for Valentines day.

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