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So I’ve been kind of busy with living and all. The kind of busy that leaves you breathless too many moments of the day. For introspective types like me, it’s like a nagging thirst and the water is always just beyond reach.

All work and no writing makes this girl downright beastly. I have craved rest and solitude like a marathoner longs for the finish.

But here I am, finally, enjoying a rare moment of complete silence at my kitchen table and feeling as if I have absolutely nothing and everything to say. I’ve learned that days without reflection and rest {both the physical and spiritual kind} create an internal bottleneck and when the moment for contemplative expression finally gifts itself to me, I am ironically at a loss.

So with that in mind, I give you pictures, hoping they may be worth the thousands of words I’m apparently without, a few glimpses into some of the more delightful moments of living we’ve enjoyed during the fall…


I already know that when they are grown, I will look at this picture and cry.

I know, this picture is in a previous post but I love it. A few days away that The Man and I enjoyed, a belated trip to celebrate our 15-year anniversary. Already it seems like a lifetime ago.

In case you’re wondering, yes, Brownie is still playing golf. This fall he started playing in some kid tournaments. It was only going to be one tournament, just for fun, but somehow it turned into 6. He and The Man conspired to make it a “tour.” Anyway, here he is at the actual tour championship, the only tourney I was able to go to because we also have a 2-year-old and golf courses are quiet and 2-year-olds are not.

Be still my heart. Getting to and from the tourney was so crazy, I couldn’t enjoy it much then. But now? I just love this picture of the boy and his daddy {also the caddy.} Again, one of those pictures that will make me cry when the boy is grown and the daddy and I are old.

Hi Papa and Nana! They came down all the way from Michigan to visit us for 4 days and watch Brownie play golf. We had the best time.

Golf is the prettiest sport I think. For a girl who is not sportsy, I rank my affinity for a sport based on the beauty of its surroundings {or the cuteness of the uniforms.}

We enjoyed the loveliest field trip to a farm and vineyard up in the mountains. I cannot tell you how beautiful it was. Even though I was chasing my kids, the beauty of the place quieted my soul.

The kids ground corn with this old-fashioned corn grinder for what seemed like hours. I now have 2 bags of coarsely ground corn and they are expecting me to whip up some tortillas or bread or something pioneerish. If anyone can tell me how to make grits or cornbread out of it, I would be much obliged.

And there were still a few raspberries on the vine.

I don’t know how many times he rolled down the hill but I look at this picture and it makes me feel free and giddy.

And last but not least, Brownie turned 7. I always cry at their birthdays because it’s going by too fast and I want to slow it all down.

We bought an overpriced golf cake from the grocery store with air-brushed icing and plastic figurines and he loved it.

Happy fall. I’ve missed being here and hope not to stay away quite so long.


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    Thanks for the update. I so wish I could watch Max play in a tournament. I know he won his first two. How’d he do in the rest?

    Can’t wait to see you guys next month.

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    Oh, Scooper! It’s so good to see you!!

    Sometimes life requires so much time and energy that you can scarcely live. But those times pass, thank God, and then you can breathe again. And when you can breathe again, you’ll be writing again, and we’ll be grateful. Until then, thank you for sharing the pictures! Indeed each one is worth 1000 ordinary words. Worth 1000 of your words? Probably not, but we’ll wait. Love you!

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    P.S. I’ll bet you could get some regular grits from the store (not the instant kind, but the kind you have to cook for 30 minutes) and mix some of your ground corn in with the grits and end up with something quite palatable! I think the secret to great grits is to cook them in half milk, half water. (I use 2 cups milk plus 2 cups water for every 1 cup of grits.) Add a little butter and a good bit of salt before serving, and you’re in Southern heaven, yes, ma’am. :)

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    So great to read about your last few weeks. You have been busy with life. It happens!

    Do cherish these moments with all three of your children. You will turn around and they will be 18 and 14 and you wonder where did the time go?! I know that’s where I am right now. I’m sure other bloggy friends will agree, life is speeding by so quickly.

    I love Blondie’s hairstyle; tres chic.
    And yes! false eyelashes must make a comeback. I actually saw a 20-something gal with a pair on today. She looked fabulous! they weren’t too big, but suited her really well.

    Hope your weekend is lovely and you enjoy your time with family and friends.

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    Your very few words are so well put together! Your family is beautiful. I agree that golf is a pretty sport… I think that is my favorite part of it. My husband is a huge golfer, but so far none of my children have taken it up. Good to see you! Blessings!

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    Hi – As part of our “healing” after the EQ in Haiti we went back and read all the comments that we never had time or energy to read in the weeks after the actual disaster … and now I see that you commented and that you are married to Lance (my childhood friend) — it is so very cool to meet you and read a few of your blog posts. Your family is gorgeous (as are you!) — thanks for your support and kind words after the EQ, each word is appreciated and even now in going back and reading them they are beautiful to see.

    Merry Christmas from our tribe,
    tara livesay

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    somehow I missed this one. Its so precious. your children are so beautiful…(which of course is not surprising) and I am with you. Plastic. colored. falsies. I am all in:)
    I think I”m also going to sign Deacon up for golf.
    I need a picture of he and Phil like that.
    love you girl. YOur call to rest post is getting all kinds of hype and re-posting on fb:))

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