The Entire “Being Cool About School” Series, All in One Place

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I’m taking a little break from writing over the next few days in order to rest and to allow readers to get caught up on the series. 

There are ten posts in all and I have them listed below. I’m going to try and put the series logo image in the right sidebar at some point over the next few days. I’d love for these posts to serve as a resource for those who stress and struggle and overthink the way I did {and still do} over this whole thing of doing school. 

I’d also love to know your personal thoughts about school decisions. 


Do you think that having more choices makes the decision more difficult?

Does our American consumer mentality influence our approach because we are looking for the “perfect” school product? 

Is this a decision that you have personally struggled with?

Have you employed a variety of school options for your own kids?

Do you have strong feelings, one way or another, about how to educate your children?


Whatever your thoughts, concerns, or questions, I’d love to hear them. Truly, I welcome all feedback.

Writing this series has taught me so much. Learning from others may provide some ideas and insight as I consider developing the “project” a bit more in the future and writing some additional posts here and there.

Thanks a million for all of the support, feedback, and community you all provide. 

Have a great weekend, friends!


Being Cool About School {a series}:
Finding Grace and Freedom for Ourselves & Others in Our Family’s Educational Choices

Post 1: “So are you still glad you switched your kids from homeschool to public school?”

What is this series about? Who’s it for? What on earth motivated you to write it? 

The backstory and early years of this educational journey.

Our transition from homeschooling to public school

This is not a post espousing all the virtues of homeschooling. Rather, it’s a look at how we can appreciate and learn from the gifts and the challenges of our homeschooling experience.

What happens when our ideals become idols? How 
do fear, pride, and idealism infiltrate our decisions about how to educate our children, and how can we guard against it?

What inspires true community when we’re doing school in a variety of ways? How can we approach others with grace and freedom? {And why should we?}


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    What a beautiful post, thank you for writing it. I shed a few tears when my brtieefsedang time ended with both my kids, and not many people understood why. I will send them here! :)

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