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The Real Gal’s Fashion Files are regular posts written to inspire courage and creativity in one of the most everyday yet ever-frustrating places — our closets.

“Who are these posts for?”
  • The gal who has always felt clueless about the art of getting dressed every day.
  • The gal who’s lost her sense of style somewhere between college and thirty-something. {Or sixty-something.}
  • The gal who has a closet full of pieces she’s bought when she needed a quick fashion fix but nothing seems to go together and she’s stuck with a wardrobe full of nothing to wear.
  • The gal who wants to update her wardrobe but has a thrift-store clothing budget. Or no clothing budget at all.

I haven’t been to design school, nor do I have any fancy fashion credentials. I’m an everyday gal who’s had a thing for putting together lovely outfits since my earliest days. My family will tell you I pillaged everyone’s closets during my teenage years, even my dad’s, in the quest for a new and creative outfit for school. I may have even put Liz Claiborne labels in my Target flats back in 1987.

And while I’m fascinated by all kinds of fashion — the runway kind and the regular kind — most of my wardrobe comes from thrift stores and bargain racks. I guess I’ve always had a thing for hunting down beauty in lackluster places.

Somewhere along the way, my family and friends began asking me for style and wardrobe advice too. I’ve done everything from closet rehabs to style advice and personal shopping.

But why limit the fashion love to my real-life gals? Why not offer ideas and inspiration for all you?

That’s what the Real Gal’s Fashion Files are all about. From reinventing items you already have to wearing pieces you’ve lacked confidence in putting on, I hope to walk you through wearable trends and real-life reinvention.

If you have real gal fashion questions, I’d love to hear about them! You may just inspire a specific post geared toward your own style dilemma. Send me an e-mail at

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