The Real Pretty Shop is open for its second sale. Come on in!

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Today’s shop is all about blazers. {Though you’ll find a few ensembles that aren’t.}

I have 12 outfits styled up for you today. TWELVE. I am insane. But my insanity is your gain so let’s get to it.

If you’re new to all this, you can go here to read about the first sale and the inspiration behind it. {I blame / thank Shannan.}

I’ll put the shop notes at the bottom of the post because with 12 outfits to cover, you’ll forget how things work by outfit #4.

And though you’ll be scanning for something you love, go back and read the “pairs well with” section that accompanies each outfit. You may just find inspiration to revive some tired pieces from your own wardrobe or discover new ways to pair them up.


2.1 w tags

2.1 collage

I love watching Ellen {the one on TV} to see what she pairs with her blazers. This week she wore a fitted cardigan buttoned all the way up with a cute fitted blazer and I was smitten. She’s the inspiration for this number…though I don’t she’d rock the floral. But you, you can totally rock this. The fitted floral cardigan {Old Navy, size small} softens the light brown tailored jacket. Plus I added a long pearl + gold chain necklace.

This is put together yet easy. The blazer is super comfy and tailored without being constrictive. It’s a size 4 from Talbots {true to size} and I think the shape is actually more flattering than the picture shows. The pattern is a subtle, very thin stripe. Fabric is 100% wool {but not thick}. Fully lined.

  • Any and all denim. The contrast would be perfect.
  • Slim pants with flats or booties.
  • White jeans. You can wear white in the winter now. Just call it “winter white.”
  • A slim skirt with wedges, heels, or tall boots.
  • Slim skirt.
  • The blazer will look great with any button up {think denim shirt}, a nautical stripe knit shirt, or “trendify” it with a graphic tee + chunky necklace and jeans.


2.2 w tags

2.2 collage Polished wool, pin-striped Talbots blazer size 6. J.Jill black lace stretchy top, size medium petite. It actually is just a tad longer than the hem of the blazer so it’s perfect. Finished off with one of my handmade flower pins in fuchsia linen.

This J.Jill top is stretchy and soft and has the sweetest little collar you ever did see. It’s so French, n’est-ce pas? Put a black cami under this and wear it without the blazer.

  • Any and all denim. Again, think in contrasts.
  • White jeans or pants.
  • The black top would be darling tucked into a skirt — pencil, A-line, or a full / flouncy number.
  • The blazer will look great with any button up or a fitted sweater.


2.3 w tags

2.3 collage

Go ahead. I’ll give you a second to catch your breath over this amazing, peacock blue jacket. Oh how I love her. This jacket / blazer is a medium but I’d say she can work for some smalls too. Even though it’s very tailored, she’s got some flex space. This could be a little big or very fitted and both would work. Plus, there’s the floral lining you’ll want to show off if you roll the sleeves up.

Details galore. From the pockets and the buttons to the lining that I want to have made into drapes because it’s so lovely and whimsical.

The scarf is Merona — soft and cozy and would look super cute with a denim shirt or graphic tee.

  • This piece can be a blazer or it can serve as an actual jacket. She’s more substantial than she looks.
  • Great with sweaters, button-ups, tees.
  • Any jeans or pants will work.
  • Any and all boots. Or throw on your Chuck Taylor’s if you want to look hip and fun / casual.


I love this jacket. Did I say that already?


2.4 w tags

2.4 collage

Hello lover.

Can we just pause for a moment while I gather myself and dab the sweat from my brow? Behold the Velvet Eden blazer from J.Crew.

I swoon. The ruched pockets, shirred waist, slim shawl collar — feminine, tailored, velvet perfection. Click on that link above and look at the back. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

I looked high and low to find the right top to pair it with but this piece is so gorgeous, everything fell short. That’s not to say it isn’t versatile. I mean, look at how J.Crew styled it. {And you must read their description. It’s perfect.}

j.crew blazer

You could wear this with your pajamas and no one would notice because this luxe blazer is like a tractor beam.

I’m going to let you style this lovely jacket on your own but I am gifting you with a sparkly, antiquey, medallion necklace that pairs so beautifully with it. I’m also gifting you with a steal because this lovely lady retailed for $148 before it sold out.

Size is an 8P.

I’m 5’4 and don’t shop in the petite section but this jacket was a great length for me. I’m thinking you can probably get away with this if you’re a size 6-8 and 5’6 or shorter. I have way long arms for my height and the sleeves weren’t at all too short.

  • Any and all denim. The contrast would be perfect.
  • Boots or booties.
  • Button-ups shirts, tucked in or out. Any kind of button-up would be great. I love the idea of a denim shirt with it.
  • A graphic tee or solid tee {with that necklace} to make it more casual and trendy.
  • Dressed up with satiny pants, skirts, even a dress like J.Crew shows.
  • Your apathetic boyfriend or distracted husband because once you wear this, he’s going to get jealous of how much you love Velvet Eden and all the attention will back on you. {No extra charge for the relationship advice.}


2.5 w tags 2.5 collage

If snazzy was still a word, I’d use it to describe this ensemble. It’s rich and classy and the sweater has jeweled buttons that I want to unthread and turn into earrings. But then you’d be left with an ugly sweater. Oh and did I mention BCBG? That’s code for spendy and trendy. Even though the sweater has a collar, I prefer it tucked beneath the jacket.

This jacket needed color so I found this I.N.C. slim sweater in a light mustard color with jeweled buttons. It fits perfectly under the blazer and adds to the tailoredness.

I wanted to finish off the look so I added a fun gold necklace with pearls and clear sparkly beads. This outfit is perfect for work but just as cute with bootcut jeans and some cowboy boots. {Which is how I’d wear it.}

Oh and check out the back. It has a tie so that you can customize the fit!

2.5 blazer back
  • Any and all denim with tall boots or booties.
  • White jeans or pants.
  • Slim pants and fun flats.
  • Dressed up with a slim skirt + wedges or heels.
  • The blazer can look more casual and hip with a button-up, fitted sweater, or graphic tee.


2.6 w tags

2.6 collage

This is a similar look to outfit 1 — blazer + button-up sweater + necklace. But this one is a much more relaxed look. Camel-colored blazer is tapemeasure {brand} size 8. Sweater is daisy fuentes size large. Let’s talk about fit. I’d say both of these are a medium. The sweater runs small and the fit of the jacket is somewhat cropped {slightly above hip-length} and with a relaxed fit. I added a sweet necklace made of wooden beads and white shells.

If you want the look of a blazer but with the comfort of “real” clothes, this is a great outfit — comfy and easy.

  • Any and all denim with tall boots or booties.
  • The blazer will look great with a button-up, fitted casual sweater, or graphic tee.
  • I’d wear it with a solid tee and chunky beaded necklace or a sweatery scarf. Or maybe a lightweight printed scarf.
  • The sweater is super cute on its own. Unbutton it and wear a solid tee or casual button-up with a chunky, wooden-bead necklace.
  • All three of these pieces can be mixed and matched with the rest of your wardrobe.


2.7 w tags 2.7 collage

So this lovely number isn’t a blazer but I had to put it in the shop. Both pieces are mediums. I love this outfit. First, it’s from Vera Wang’s collection for Kohl’s and she crafts the most gorgeous designs. First, the sweater. It’s medium and drapey and comfy. You can belt it to create more of a shape or if you don’t feel belted pieces are flattering on you, just snip off the loops and wear it as an open cardigan.

Let’s take a closer look at this matte silky shell that I want to marry. Also a Vera Wang piece, this is all about the details — from the bow-like draping to the sheer, edgy trim. Oh and I added a chunky beaded bracelet with dark brown, marbled beads.

  • Any and all denim.
  • Because this ensemble is long and has lots of fabric, don’t go with a relaxed look on the bottom. Choose skinny jeans or slim pants.
  • Tall boots or booties. If you’re tall, you can wear flats or flat boots. If you’re not, you’ll probably want a wedge or bootie / boots with a heel to give you some height. {To balance out the top.}
  • Sweater would look cute and trendy with a graphic tee. Or layer a button up with it.
  • Shell can work in every season. Perfect with white jeans and sandals for the summer or dress it up by tucking it into skirt or pairing with skinny jeans and wedges.


2.8 w tags 2.8 collage

Rock N’ Republic is famous for its spendy, fabulous jeans. But a couple of years ago they came out with a line for Kohl’s. This blazer — size 10 — is edgy but not too edgy. I love that it’s linen {not too heavy and bulky} but with a studded lapel. If red and orange and coral had a baby, it would be this color. It’s fantastic. Here’s a pic I found online that shows the shape a bit better.



I’ve paired the blazer with a knit, flowy shell in black by ana, size medium {runs a bit big so it works with the blazer.} It’s the perfect length for the jacket and is a little bit longer in the back than front. Add the braided metallic necklace and you’re good to go.

  • DENIM. Because of course. This is rock n’ roll, not your Easter outfit.
  • I’d go with skinnies. You can go with bootcut if they’re fitted and if you wear a shoe or boot with a little bit of a heel. This jacket is a tad longer so you’ll want balance.
  • White jeans.
  • Black jeans.
  • Cowboy boots or some other sassy sort of bootie or wedges.
  • Pair the blazer with a denim shirt, graphic tee, or fitted sweater. Because it’s linen, you can wear it in the spring / summer. Because it’s a blazer, you can wear it in the fall / winter.
  • Pair the multi-seasonal black shell with anything and everything.


2.9 w tags

I know. Not a blazer. But I came across this lovely lady and felt like someone needed her. The size has been cut out but after careful inspection, I’m going to say it’s a large. But it’s a smallish-large. This is a cowl-neck sweater / tunic. With velvety sleeves and neck. It’s so comfy / luxurious / sparkly. All the things a gal wants this time of year. Not too clingy. Comfortable yet pretty and festive. The photo makes it look boxier than it really is. The shape is longer and the weight of the fabric allows it to hang perfectly.

I can’t allow an item to stand alone so I’ve added these sparkly but simple earrings {on the left} to make it an ensemble.

2.9 collage
  • Casual or dressy.
  • I’d go with slimmer pants or jeans since it’s a tunic-style top. Dark skinny jeans. Slim black or white / cream pants.
  • Fun flats — think metallic, satin or patent-leather.
  • Winter wedges or heels if you want to dress it up.
  • For holiday wear, how about black skinnies or slim pants with a suede or patent leather wedge?


2.10 w tags 2.10 collage

I know, I know. Not a blazer. But you guys, this is silk and it’s Banana Republic and one of you will look lovely in it. The pictures don’t do justice to this luxe button-up blouse in the most beautiful wine color {that I want for myself.} It has 3/4-length sleeves and I’ve paired it with a long chain — black metallic with stone beads. I love this ensemble so much.

It’s a size large and true to size but you could be a medium and wear it a bit looser or plan to layer something on top of it. It’s much less boxy-looking than the photo shows. Since it’s not a tailored piece, the size is more forgiving both ways.

  • A vest. This would be stellar with a faux fur vest or plush sweatery vest. Vests are super in right now and easy to find in stores.
  • Throw on a blazer or cardigan for layers.
  • A scarf — sweatery {for contrast} or a flowy, drapey fabric.
  • Jeans — any rinse. Or white or black skinny jeans.
  • Tuck it into a skirt to dress it up and make it more tailored.
  • All kinds of boots.


2.11 w tags 2.11 collage

So blazers don’t have to be tailored and layered with fitted sweaters and button-ups. I adore this swing-type velvety jacket in plum. Again, the pics don’t show her true loveliness. This jacket has three pewter-looking buttons, 3/4-length sleeves, and is fully lined. This is a size 14. 

I’ve paired it with a batik-type lightweight scarf that will be your go-to scarf for everything, from your denim shirt to your flowy knit tops.

  • You can go dressy or casual with this one too. Because it’s velvety and festive, you can for sure dress it up with satiny black pants or winter white dress pants.
  • Wear it as a cape-style jacket over a black dress or holiday dress.
  • Pair it with jeans or cords to contrast and go casual. The scarf takes it down a notch and makes it look great with denim.
  • You can go with skinny jeans / slim pants or wear bootcuts.


2.12 w tags 2.12 collage

Festive and fun and wonderful — that’s what this ensemble is. Chartreusey / citron Jones New York cardigan, size 2X, with 3/4 – length sleeves and sweet details. Notched collar and chiffon-type overlay on the trim of the pockets and at the collar.

I’ve layered it with a soft, sweatery scarf that’s embellished with a flower and I included one my handmade tassel bracelets. {Stack this with any gold bangles you already have.}

  • Add a long-sleeve knit top, shell, or button-up.
  • Dress it up with statement jewelry and dressier pants.
  • Make it everyday wear with jeans, your scarf, trendy sneakers, or booties.
  • Love the sweater but afraid this isn’t your color? Pair it with a scarf — this one or your own — and it’ll work. This color actually contrasts well with other colors like pinks, purples, and blues.
  • Because it’s lightweight, it’s multi-seasonal. Because it’s a sweater {and has a scarf}, it’s just as perfect for this time of year.



Here’s how the shop works:
  1. See something you like? Go to the comments section and tell me what number outfit you like.
  2. Then include your PayPal address in the comment box. This is very important. If you don’t include your PayPal address, I can’t send you an invoice. {Or your outfit.}
  3. The comments section will stay open until Friday night at midnight. If there are multiple people who all want the same outfit, I’ll draw a name and send you an invoice. That way everyone has a chance to get their hands on an outfit.
  4. If there’s more than one outfit you like, go ahead and comment on both. Let me know your first and second choices.
  5. Even if someone has already commented on the outfit you want, comment anyway since you all have the same chance to win. The comments will close at midnight EST on Friday night {Saturday morning.}
  6. I can’t ship your items before payment. Obviously.
  7. All outfits will ship USPS priority mail flat-rate shipping. You guys, shipping is expensive. I really didn’t know. So in an effort to keep this truly affordable, your ensembles will be smushed into a tiny gelatin capsule that you’ll have to soak in water for 20 minutes and then poof, your outfit will dislodge. Kidding! But it will be tightly folded up like origami when it arrives. I apologize for the wrinkles. Blame the USPS. Throw your duds in the dryer with a dryer sheet and a damp towel and you’ll be good to go.
  8. No returns, much as it pains me. {My people-pleasing self hates this rule but it just has to be.} If for any reason an item doesn’t work out, you can pass it along to a friend, split up the items {keep what works for yourself or pass along what doesn’t to someone else}, or donate it to your favorite thrift shop.
  9. Like the shop? Know someone who would dig this sort of thing? Spread the word. You can use those share buttons at the bottom of the post.



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  1. Susanna says

    I would have eloped with the Eden blazer, but it’s a petite, and I’m afraid it wouldn’t have me. Love all these pairings, Marian. It looks like you may be having entirely too much fun. :) Maybe it was meant for Renee Royal, though, since it’s the color of her eyes.

  2. Deborah Rhodes says

    Stop. It. I can’t decide! I love #7, #1 and #2. (In that order.) These are awesome pieces Marian! I just love your eye for this.

  3. Andrea Haebig says

    # 4 is my first choice followed by # 3. Wish I could hire you to attack my closet. Sometimes I think there must be a few cute outfits left in it if someone could help me break out of my fashion rut.

    Oh…PayPal address is the same as my email.

    Thanks and I love this series!

    • Marian says

      Andrea, thanks for shopping! I’ll let you know how the selection turns out. Also…I’m actually thinking about doing closet rehabs for people since I’ve had a few local friends ask for that. : )

  4. Andrea Haebig says

    Ok…so where is local for you? I know this is going to sound crazy, but I think I saw you at Disney World last year…a couple days before Christmas. I am that horrible reader who adores your writing (your blog is truly one of my favorites), but rarely comments. Anyway, keep up the fabulous work! Almost everything you write speaks to me…the deep stuff and now this fun fashiony (new word) stuff. You have a gift and I am grateful you share it!

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