Treat Yourself: Goodies for Your Weekend {8.30.14 edition}

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This song — it’s just too fun.

shake it off



Crack Pie.

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So I have not actually made this. But I have eaten it. Does that count? My brother is a baker and he’s made this for us several times. I recently came across the recipe on Pinterest and now I have Crack Pie on the brain. It’s inexplicably good. {And hails from the Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook.}


The Face-kini.

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My husband texted me a picture yesterday that said, “Want to see your next swimsuit?” They’re popular in China, apparently. Women there don’t want their faces to get dark because then they will “look like a peasant” {As stated by one swimmer wearing her ski-mask.}

I’m all for sun protection but I’d rather look like a peasant than a serial killer. Call me crazy.



This book. The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness: The Path to True Christian Joy by Timothy Keller.

self forgetfulness

I mentioned this book in my series last week. Such an important read. Bonus? It’s really just a print version of a sermon so it will take you 45 minutes max. And you’ll keep going back to it.


Let the Rhythm Move You by The Nester this week at Incourage. A great post on the difference between “routines” and “rhythms.”


Sometimes when I struggle with feeling guilty about something at home, I realize I’m trying to force a strict routine instead of falling into a healthy, welcoming rhythm.

So true. And a great companion post to my little series on “Grace in the New Rhythms.”


And speaking of that series, I’ve posted the first three installments. My hope is that it will be timely encouragement for all of us as we seek to manage our days and our families in a way that is unique, intentional, and upheld by grace and freedom instead of forced along by striving and fear.

We’ll finish up next week. In case you’ve missed them, here you go.

new rhythms title pic

Grace in the New Rhythms. A Series. Part 1. 

Part 2: What’s Our Real Motivation for Wanting to be Awesome?

Part 3: Know Your Own Life and Walk in Freedom.

Have a great Labor Day Weekend, friends!


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