Treat Yourself: Goodies for Your Weekend

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I’ve mentioned a couple of times that our house is on the market. This means that at any given moment, I can receive a text that someone wants to see it. This means that at any given moment, I can have plans to do one thing and then cancel those plans in order to down a cup of coffee and make our very-lived-in home look not-at-all-lived-in.

Having a few hours to destroy all evidence of five humans and one dog is fifty shades of fun, let me tell you.

It means that my hopeful shop sale for yesterday is now going to be early next week.

It means I drive around town with this in my trunk. Plus the dog in the back seat. Plus our kids.


moving van

These are classy, classy days.


Here are some things I’m loving this weekend. {Besides my temporarily tidy home and hard-working minivan}


1. This text from my brother last night.
Gloria 1


Gloria 2
2. My latte maker. Because it’s cold. And lattes are lovely. And I need mojo to keep up the cleaning frenzy.




3. This easy and ridiculously yummy Chicken Pot Pie. It’s the definition of comfort food. {I add diced potatoes in with the frozen veggies. Trust me on this.}




Hope you find warmth, laughter, and comfort this weekend! And possibly a random Scholastic biography.



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