Treat Yourself: Goodies For Your Weekend {6.7.14 edition}

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Happy weekend friends! Yesterday was the last day of school for my kiddos which means today is the first day of summer. Bring on the ice-cream, kiddie pools, and People magazines.

Here are a few reads and treats to make your weekend a bit sweeter:

How to Prepare for Parenthood in 11 Easy Steps. I laughed until I cried. As a mom who has survived the baby years and toddler years three times over, this is 100% true and awesome and laugh your face off funny. {I made the mistake of reading this in my van while drinking a chocolate milkshake.} The author of this post has apparently written a book called The Honest Toddler. Where were these funny parents when I was raising my own wee toddlers and in desperate need of a good laugh {and a margarita?}

Kate DiCamillo’s Summer Treehouse Reading List. So I mentioned Ms. DiCamillo in my last post and then my sister-in-law asked me if I’d seen this. I’m taking this list with me to the library.

I’m still wasting time taking Buzzfeed quizzes. This week I found out that my name should actually be Darlene.

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The QT chocolate milkshake. It’s the best. Trust me. Nothing about this tastes like a gas station milkshake — especially the Ghirardelli chocolate and whipped cream.

photo (14)


And because it’s the first day of summer, let’s continue with the ice-cream theme. For any of you in the Ft. Worth area, treat yourself and visit Melt FW.

melt collage


My friend Kari opened up a farm-to-cone ice cream shop and every time she posts on Instagram {@meltfw} I want to hop on a plane and fly to Texas. Kari and three other college girls used to sit in my living room on Sunday nights while we drank coffee and talked about God and made our way through a book study. {While taking a lot of needful rabbit trails about boys and future plans and girl-drama.} Many years later, I hold those Sunday nights with those girls close to my heart. Kari is an artist of a dozen shades and I couldn’t be more proud of her.


And last but not least, a photo treat from my family to yours.

photo (13)

My littlest guy. Surfing in the kiddie pool that sits in our driveway. I die. He just graduated from kindergarten so these days of having little regard for things like class and inhibition and scale are surely numbered. I savor every moment of his shenanigans.


I’ll be taking the next week off while I hang with my family and eat a lot of homemade ice-cream and sleep late and soak up an abundance of sunshine. But I’ll be back.

Have a happy June weekend! What are your favorite ways to treat yourself this summer?


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