Treat Yourself / Weekend Links: On Creativity, Laughter, and Letting Go

Little B weekend links

This weekend, may you find the space to create, may you be surprised by all the hilarity that surrounds you, and may you receive the little ones in your life with humor and chill, even if they’re driving you bananas. Happy weekend!

The emotions that make us more creative. 

There’s something about living life with passion and intensity, including the full depth of human experience, that is conducive to creativity.


I want to know the funny people who thought of ancient Greek sculptures dressed up in Hipster clothing. This slays me.


A writer never really knows which words will resonate with the world she serves. Apparently these words did, and it sort of surprised me. 

For the Overwhelmed Mom of Little Kids: 8 Things I Wish I’d Known

for the overwhelmed mom


And finally, join me for the FREE Hope*Writers Summit! 


My FAVORITE resource that encourages me in my writing is Hope*Writers. I’m so happy to tell you about the Hope*Writers Summit that you can receive for FREE, only from May 16th-19th! Hope*Writers Summit is offering everyone access to twelve interviews. {And mine is one of them. #gulp}

I talk with one of my favorite authors, Emily Freeman, about everything from unfinished books proposals to “stewarding your story,” something I’ve learned to do as I’ve written my way through messy chapters of my life. You’ll learn why I write on my blog and in a journal. You’ll also learn why my husband is my best editor, even though he’s not a writer.

Curious? CLICK HERE to learn more and to sign up! 


Each one of these interviews shows me that we have a lot in common as writers, but the road proceeds differently for each of us. I love that. In a world that’s obsessed with formulas and algorithms, I’m encouraged by the surprise, serendipity, and setbacks of each writer’s story. There’s no one right way to do this.

If writing is part of your life at all {or if it’s not but you maybe want it to be}, I highly recommend this online space.

When I’m drowning in my right-now life and wondering if this writing thing is worth it, I read a post or listen to an interview and just like that, I’m inspired and back in the game. For real. Hope*Writers is that encouraging. I hope you’ll join us!


I’m all about helping you recapture the possibility of your right-now life. 

If that sounds like something you need, sign up in the box below to receive fresh hope and possibility delivered to your inbox a couple of times a week.


*Affiliate Links: The Hope*Writer Summit is absolutely free but if you choose to join the Hope*Writers membership site, I receive a percentage at no extra cost to you. Affiliate links are one of the ways I’m able to cover costs and provide new content, year after year. So thanks for supporting my work!


  1. Patricia Kay Groom says

    You touch the heart deeply and your words pull at my heart strings that create new songs of refreshing, repenting, reminding me who is the center of my heart’s desires.
    His timing. His will. Grateful for your pursuing your hoped-for vision in the midst of your right now.
    my season is retirement from teaching College English and periodic editing. What now, Lord? I am moved by your transparency. I am clueless about what to write, but I know it is necessary in this season of no more instruction, guiding, thesis, literary analysis. Perhaps it is the right now work of journaling. My thinking and analysis stop me short. You are revealing that aging is not a stop short what are you doing at your age. An unnecessary dialogue for certain not coming from the Father.
    You inspire, Marion. You share a universal of no matter what age we are…..we are to eek out as Emily says… share Jesus in a million different ways each day. Enough in my right now life.
    I am going to believe the hoped for is real. You are revealing His truths. Thank you.
    Bless you.

    • Marian says

      Patricia, thank you for sharing those thoughtful words. I hope that your hoped-for work will continually rise to the surface with increasing clarity in the coming days. Journaling and writing through the cobwebs may be a perfect place to start. Thanks for visiting here and for encouraging me with your kind words.

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