Weekend Links / Treat Yourself: On Dinner Mayhem, Motherhood, and Dragon-Slaying


Happy weekend, my friends.

Here are a few gifts from the internet this week. Enjoy!


A Mom’s Relationship With Dinner: It’s Complicated by Tracy Wright {for Scary Mommy}

Y’all, I died over this. Because I have this same “where did it all go wrong?” relationship with dinner and I needed someone to make me feel less alone.

Nothing is worse for your self-esteem as a home cook than a couple of kids. There is nothing quite like spending an hour-plus in the kitchen preparing a meal for your family, only to have everybody weeping at the table within minutes.


The Spiritual Discipline of Being a Parent by Richella Parham

For so long, I’ve struggled with the concept and practice of spiritual discipline. But Richella explains it through a lens I can understand and relate to: motherhood.

I’d always wanted to be a different kind of person, the kind of person who loved and appreciated people instead of being irritated by them. I tried. I wanted to change myself, and I was constantly frustrated. No wonder: I was trying to do God’s job.


What My 10-Year-Old Son Taught Me About Slaying Dragons by Matt Rampey

Because sometimes divine truth comes tumbling out of the mouths of children. And we’re wise to listen.

When I believe that my view of myself is more accurate than God’s, then that’s not humility at all.  It’s pride and pride is, as Will put it, a dragon that needs to be slayed.  That fight can be long and bloody and exhausting, but it is worth it.


This week on the blog: How I Became an Accidental Optimist


Sometimes we take part in something, week after week, year after year, and we have no idea how it’s changing us because the change is so slow.

Practice doesn’t make perfect but it does bring change. Over the years, writing has slowly begun to etch new grooves in my thought patterns, to kick the dirt over the well-worn path of pessimism and to instead forge a new path of possibility.



And finally, one more plug for Hope*Writers {my favorite resource for writers} because I don’t want you to miss out on the awesomeness of it all.

Hope*Writers is for anyone who writes, who wants to write, or who might be curious about writing. This week they hosted the first ever Hope*Writers Summit, a FREE event with 12 video interviews with authors / writers / editors at various stages of the journey.


One of those 12 interviews is mine. I’m not a published author or editor like the rest of these gals. But I sit down with one of my favorite authors, Emily Freeman, and have an honest conversation about where I am and where I’d like to be. interveiw We dish about everything from unfinished books proposals to “stewarding your story,” something I’ve learned to do as I’ve written my way through messy chapters of my own life. You’ll learn why I write on my blog and in a journal. You’ll also learn why my husband is my best editor, even though he’s not a writer.

Curious? CLICK HERE to learn more!

While the summit is over, if you join Hope*writers you’ll still get all of them to watch at your leisure + more.

Listen — I’ve paid hundreds of dollars to go to conferences. And while conferences are awesome, I get just as much {if not more} from Hope*writers. You can connect with other writers, share your work once a week, glean from interviews with published authors and editors, learn how to start a blog, find answers to your tech questions, and discover how to be a better writer. All from the comfort of your own pajamas.

For the price of two fast-food salads a month, I get Hope*Writers. And you can too! So join, look around, download all you can. If it’s not for you, no biggie. You can cancel anytime. {But I think you’ll end up staying.}

Convinced? Here’s the link.


{Just click on my face to learn more / sign up.}


I’m all about helping you recapture the possibility of your right-now life.

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*Affiliate Links: If you choose to join the Hope*Writers membership site, I receive a percentage at no extra cost to you. Affiliate links are one of the ways I’m able to cover costs and provide new content, year after year. Thanks for supporting my work! {Also, I believe in Hope*writers so much, I was telling y’all about it even before I was an affiliate. Now go get started!}


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    I tried to leave a comment when I first read this post, but the interweb dragon apparently ate it. So I’ll try again to say THANK YOU for your kind encouragement and for linking to my post on the spiritual discipline of parenting! Bless you, sweet friend. You are precious to me.

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