{Day 31} Why Real?

For 31 days I’ve spilled words onto a screen and hoped for the best. It’s been a terrifying and wonderful experience. And now I’m exhausted and still a bit terrified because for better or for worse, what’s written is now written. 

It’s out there for the world to see. {Small world though mine is.}

Writing real is risky. There’s no two ways about it. So many of my life’s story-lines–whether it’s motherhood, marriage, or the many vignettes in the middle–tell of a girl who’s gotten it wrong as much, well…probably more than, she’s gotten it right. Why would anyone in her right mind blow the whistle on herself for 31 days straight? 

Because she’s tasted the sweetness of grace and once you’ve tasted grace, you want to share it with the world. 

Living a right and perfect story is no longer my goal. It’s not about being impressive or lovely or strong. It’s about taking a hard look at the life I actually have, accepting it in all of its loveliness and brokenness, and offering it up to the One who makes it all lovely.

I long to live real, free, and redeemed. 

Someone lived a perfect life 2,000 years ago and He did so because I can’t. And you can’t. That man 2,000 years ago changes everything for me today. And tomorrow. And all of the rest of my days. 

Because of Jesus, there is amazing grace, unconditional love, boundless freedom and unspeakable hope on the days when I get it right and on the days when I don’t. 

He is the real truth and He’s come to set us free.


Thank you, dear ones, for joining me for these 31 Days of Real. Thank you for your comments, e-mails, and messages. Thank you for your kindred encouragement. Really, you have no idea what a beautiful and emotional experience it’s been to write from the heart for 31 days. I keep crying over this last post because it feels like the end and also the beginning…of what yet I’m not quite sure. 

Thank you, dear husband, for encouraging me to do this and for picking up some slack when I had to get another post ready. Thank you for reading every single post on marriage and giving your blessing to publish them. Thank you for telling me to write from my heart and not with an audience in mind. That was the best advice of all. 

If you haven’t read all or any of the posts, here they are, all 31 of them. And I’ll keep the 31 Days button up in the right sidebar so that you find the posts easily in the future if you care to. 

Keep it real. 


“Best of 31 Days Link Party” at Imparting Grace

Many bloggers {over 700!} have also written for 31 days. My friend, Richella, is hosting a “Best of 31 Days Link Party” today for any “31-dayers” who would like to link up their favorite post. I’m joining in and if you’re a fellow “31-dayer,” I hope you’ll link up as well!


31 Days of Real


  1. says

    Keep it real. YES!

    I LOVED this: “Living a right and perfect story is no longer my goal. It’s not about being impressive or lovely or strong. It’s about taking a hard look at the life I actually have, accepting it in all of its loveliness and brokenness, and offering it up to the One who makes it all lovely.”

    Oh I pray that can be true of me also. To offer it all up to the One who makes it lovely.

    Loved this. Loved your series. Loved your writing.

    A big thank you for how much you’ve inspired this new reader the last 31 days. (o:

  2. says

    What a beautiful ending and new beginning – Jesus. I loved this series! I’ll miss seeing a la mode everyday in my reader. You’ve spoiled us. Thank you again for being so generous to your readers by keeping it real and pointing us to the One who makes all things lovely. Grace to you Scooper.

  3. says

    Congratulations for doing it! It was a wonderful experience as well for all of us who followed your real stories. I wonder how you will end the series and now that I’ve read it, I said to myself- yes, it is but apt, and perfect.

  4. says

    M- I am so proud of you. For the past year I have been almost petrified to write ANYTHING…so I am glad to see you take the risk and do it with such GUSTO! Thanks for sharing your heart and allowing us thirty-somethings…to ponder and reflect on how we might choose to view and live life for the next decade. I have read every post and loved each one!

  5. says

    Life kept me away for a few days (sad, but true). Just finished reading the last week’s posts. Honest and inspiring; transparent and full of hope.

    Let’s do lunch.


  6. says

    I’ve loved this series. And I love you–for many reasons, but one of the main ones is because you really ARE real.

    Besides, you call me your friend. You wouldn’t believe how that touches my heart. :)

  7. Anonymous says

    Just played catch up and finished this wonderful series! You made me laugh hard sometimes….like stealing precious baby Jesus-I was thinking Mary, Joseph, anything but baby JESUS (once in college, I stole the Chinese delivery guy’s car for a joyride around campus and then brought it back-should have a felony for grand theft auto). Maybe us two sticky fingers should never go shopping together….just kidding!

    Also, you encouraged me as you shared your pain and God’s redeeming work in your life. As I too, am on a journey of healing a bruised heart in this place God has brought me, it is inspiring to hear how God is a work in a sister in Christ’s life. Our daily redeemer does the best before and afters!!! Thanks for being brave to be REAL!…….jordan

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