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Have you personally struggled with indecision or pressure to teach your kids a certain way? Have you ever felt judged for your personal choices on the issue of education? Have you silently judged others for their personal choices regarding education?

There are many voices, many camps, many either / or places to land on this issue of school but they tend toward mutual exclusivity. Though there’s plenty of support for homeschooling, private schooling, and public schooling, there seems to be a vacuum on the topic of freedom and grace for parents struggling to know which road to travel. There are many resources and movements espousing one option over another option but where are the posts, articles, and books that say, “Hey, it’s all cool. There’s no wrong. But there is wisdom for your personal journey and freedom no matter which path you choose.”

I’ve written two different series on school. I’ve also created a free resource for subscribers!

  1. The most recent post was a 31-day series for the month of October, 2014. Most of the 31 posts are bite-sized, daily doses of encouraging reads whether you do homeschool, public school, or private school. You can see all of those posts in one place here. 
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2. The other series was written in September of 2013 — 10 individual posts that unpack the issues in a longer, more narrative form. {See the posts below.}

I’m no expert. I’m just a mom who’s homeschooled and then public-schooled and experienced her fair share of anxiety and indecision about it all. These series are what I wish someone had handed me 16 years ago.

3. School Made Simple: 5 Essential Questions to Help Your Family Walk the Path of Educational Freedom (a free resource for subscribers!)

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September, 2013 Series

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“So are you still glad you switched from homeschool to public school?” The post in which I answer this question and also announce a SERIES.

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Finale Post :: Being Cool About School: How Can We Come Together?


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