Grace in the New Rhythms

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Perhaps you don’t feel you’re necessarily “good” or naturally gifted at showing up for the life you really have.

Maybe you’re not adept at doing life the way you think you should. Or you find that you don’t have the skill set you’d hoped to have for the life you’ve actually chosen.

And sooner or later, we all discover that we don’t have the skill set for the life or the season or even just the crazy day that we didn’t choose but have been handed anyway.

It’s the theme of everything I’ve written about for the last seven years: receiving your own life.


This short series is about the intersection of real life and grace and redemption. It’s about moving into our days with acceptance and hope instead of resentment and bitterness.

It’s about freedom. Freedom from comparison, freedom from blame, freedom from pretense, freedom from trying to live someone else’s life and instead, embracing the one right in front of you. The one that’s messy and sometimes feels like a joke. The one that holds more beauty and possibility than you can see on an everyday Thursday when you burned the taco meat and forgot to pay that bill and feel like you’re getting it all wrong.

This is for anyone who needs grace as you seek to establish rhythms and practices for yourself and your family during times of new beginnings — whether it’s a new year, a new school start, or just a season when I need to begin again. Again.

I’m a certified non-expert, a hack. Rhythms and routines and stellar time management don’t come naturally to me.

Neither does grace.

Maybe they don’t come naturally to you either and you could use a pep-talk written by a struggling non-guru like me.

This four-part series isn’t a how-to on organization for the absent-minded person or how to be more disciplined or anything like that. I don’t promote “systems” because there is no one-size-fits-all way of doing anything.

But I am learning a few things about workable rhythms based on my personality, my priorities, and my individual family. I’m learning which variables matter and how to let go of the ones that don’t.

Most of all, I’m learning about the undercurrent of grace that holds us all up through the trial and error of it all.

Join me?

Part 1: Grace in the New Rhythms. My story and this series. 

Part 2: What’s Your Real Motivation for Wanting to be Awesome?

Part 3: Know Your Own Life and Walk in Freedom

Part 4: 4 Reasons Why Failure is Your Friend

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