Treat Yourself: Summer Before School Starts Edition

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It’s Saturday and I’m in an end-of-summer stupor. Our kids start school next week and, well, it is time. {Says the mom who’s gone all twitchy by this point.}

Togetherness is just the best, except when it’s worn out its welcome. And then some relational and physical space is in order. {Dear Public School, I love you.}

Our family is presently in a time of transition and decision-making and I am a hundred shades of deep thoughts and big feelings. I’m an anxious mess is what I’m saying. We’ll dish more about all this later.

For now, I leave you with a few weekend reads to ease your summer brain into the next season.

Mirrors by Shannan Martin at {in}courage, in which she shares the “sure community of a cold ham sandwich.”

Teacher Church Lunch


On Thursday I texted my sister paragraph-long texts about some specific parenting challenges and there’s consolation in the knowing of each other’s kids like they’re your own. Also, I shared supper with another mom and her kids this week and felt the sweet swell of gratitude for community, and a little less alone in life’s challenges and transitions.


Have you seen this loungey sofa / daybed / guest bed made with a full-size mattress, a $50 IKEA slipcover, and whatever spare pillows and linens you have?



I am so doing this you guys.


Don’t Call Kids “Smart” by James Hamblin, The Atlantic



All three of my kids have wildly different, beautiful brains. For me, this is one of the great joys, challenges, and fascinations of motherhood. We have everything from dyslexia and ADHD to “gifted” all under our one small roof. I’m amazed and disheartened by the ways their intelligence identities become entrenched at such an early age. But I have hope that we can begin talking to our kids in ways that can turn the tide.


Order Simply Tuesday: Small-Moment Living in a Fast-Moving World between now and August 28th and receive a FREE small group conversation guide. I’ve read Emily’s latest book from cover to cover and I’m keeping it with me as a trusty companion as I wade through the transition of our fall schedule.



Did you miss my big giveaway I posted on Wednesday? I’ve got 4 copies to hand out and there’s still time. Go check it out.

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Savor this late-summer weekend, sweet friends!


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