Tuesdays Unwrapped: Brothers & Oatmeal

I love what Emily is doing on Tuesdays. Seeing as how her blog is all about “reflection and discovery in the midst of the mundane,” Tuesdays Unwrapped fits right in.

I’m a glass-is-half-empty kind of girl. I wish I wasn’t. I’m working on it. But too often my focus is on all that I wish was different. In any given moment, I’m brooding about all sorts of dissatisfactions and displeasures. 

Finding the miracle amid the mayhem is like swapping out the cloudy lens through which I view life. It changes everything and I finally see clearly.

I mourn the precious vignettes that I never noticed or documented. And I’m hoping that some Tuesdays here and there will be a step in the right direction.


My moment came yesterday morning. Five-year-old Brownie was the first one up. He is always bright and chatty and happy upon waking. And hungry.

As I groggily prepared his microwaveable oatmeal, I heard Cupcake…also hungry.

Balancing baby on hip and bowl in hand, I slid the oatmeal to Brownie. Cupcake nearly leapt out of my arms so I set him down, not knowing what I would feed this finicky and feisty toddler.

Cupcake sidled right up to big brother, who eagerly and cheerfully fed him from his own bowl of oatmeal. And after they shared that bowl together, I fixed them another…and another.

Three bowls of oatmeal and one giant helping of unprompted generosity later, I soaked it all in. And sighed. 

I’m thankful for a big brother who gives sacrificially to his little brother. I’m thankful for all the moments of togetherness and the tender familial bonds that living life with one another creates. 

For in the midst of squabbles and annoyance and craziness, there is tenderness and love. 

And I got to watch it all unfold over a bowl of oatmeal.


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  1. says

    Little Max and his oatmeal… him sharing his favorite breakfast is no small feat! I am so glad you caught it on camera – what a precious photo. Love you….And thanks for being an AWESOME Padalily expert today. Please say I can hire you on??

  2. says

    I follow your blog and I just wanted to say thank you for your honesty. I struggle with many of the same issues as you, sometimes I feel like you must be reading my mind! I appreciate you sharing your struggles, somedays your affirmations to yourself are just what I needed to hear too. What a great God!!

  3. Anonymous says

    Freeze frame! I can’t help but wonder what thought is going through Cupcake’s mind as he looks at the benevolent Brownie. And look at that precious little foot curled up there while his “needs of the moment” are being met so unselfishly by another. Priceless!

    Love you forever,

  4. says

    If I had seen that on a commercial, even in the middle of the night, I would have gotten in my car, driven to the store and bought some of that company’s oatmeal. This is precious.

  5. says

    Remember this moment in the next chaos moment and there will be one I am sure. But I love your mom’s Freeze Frame comment, that is what you will want to do and the picture makes it perfect.

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