31 Days of Real

A 31-day series in which I give you permission to let go of expectation and embrace your real life. From motherhood and marriage to home and avoiding mom-jeans, this fun and soulful series is about how being our real, authentic, God-created selves translates into everyday life. 


Day 1: A Real Invitation

Day 2: Real Motherhood: The Overthinking Mama

Day 3: Real Motherhood: Gently Led

Day 4: Real Motherhood: It’s the Small Stuff

Day 5: Real Motherhood: Notice the Becoming

Day 6: Real Motherhood: Teach Them What You Know

Day 7: Real Motherhood: Feast on Today

Day 8: A Song for Really Living

Day 9: Real Change: Just Pick One Thing

Day 10: Real Writing

Day 11: Mom-Jeans and Miniskirts: What’s a Real Mom to Wear?

Day 12: Keep It Real. Wear It Well.

Day 13: Real Meals Part I: The Contemplative Cook

Day 14: Real Meals Part II: For Real Meals

Day 15: My Real House

Day 16: Real Rest: An Invitation

Day 17: Real Rest: A Reason

Day 18: Real Rest: A Practice

Day 19: Real Home: Living Large in a Small Space

Day 20: Real Home: Doubly-Duty

Day 21: Real Home: You Won’t Remember, I Promise

Day 22: A Real “Disorder” (sort of): Reading Guilt

Day 23: And on the 23rd day, she rested. Really.

Day 24: Real Marriage, Part 1: Am I Really Doing This

Day 25: Real Marriage, Part 2: When You’re Struggling

Day 26: Real Marriage, Part 3: On Little Things

Day 27: Real Marriage, Part 4: The Myth of Quality Time

Day 28: Real Marriage, Part 5: Laugh It Up

Day 29: Real Marriage, Part 6: Get Back to Dreaming

Day 30: Real Marriage, Part 7: Choose Life, Even When It’s Falling Apart

Day 31: Why Real?